What Does “You Are Not My Type” Mean?

Guys are often simple when they speak. They don’t typically try to be cryptic or talk “around” an interest. They may be all company and reasoning, so if they are not sleeping, these are generally most likely just informing it want it is. Do not try to find older man younger woman dating sitesy subtext involving the outlines since there most likely isn’t.

If he states you are not their type but he is still curious, take it at face value. The guy likely is trying to say that he’s usually not keen on really serious, brainy girls, but there is merely one thing about you that intrigues him.

If he’s only thinking about sex, he probably don’t point out you’re not their type, as that could work against their game. He’s going to either lay-on the allure and also the old common outlines, or he’s going to say that you two need to have with each other for most enjoyable someday.

He will say you are “hot” in place of telling you you are quite. He’ll eyeball you along like an ice cream sundae, in which he’ll relocate close in an aggressive versus tender way. You are a woman, thus make use of instinct. You know exactly what he is actually contemplating, one of the ways or even the various other.